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Get your hands on the fitted superman hoodie in men's and ladies both in pullover style and zip up top

How can any hood clothing range be complete without the classic DC comic superman hoody top. So we thought we dedicate this page completely on the superman hooded top. Now you can buy the top since Criminal Damage has just released a range of hoody tops, which includes the classic Superman Trade Mark logo on the chest position. What is more the inside of the hood also has the logo printed all over. So if you are a great fan of the super character then this is the hooded top to wear this winter.superman hoodie

The top is made from the classic hooded sweatshirt material, which includes 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Off course like all CD range of hoodys it has the Criminal Damage logo printed on the sleeve position. It has a tight fitting making it an ideal body fit hence perfect for women or girls.

Feedback and review for the item is just great and with the recent shot of Sarah Harding wearing the top has made it a bit of hit amongst the kids out there. The superman hoodie can be taken one step further to have the superman logo printed all over the zip hoodie.

Coupled with that the Whitechapel based brand has also added t shirts and ladies skinny fit with the superman logo so giving it a complete range. So want to get into the current retro trend then this superman hoody is just for you. So where to buy? You can buy from Truffle Shuffle and other selected outlets.


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