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Step by step guide of all the costs for Personalised Clothes

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When it comes to shopping for hoodies with your logo personalised on them you will get so many companies quoting you a variety of quotes. So how would one make sense of all these quotes? Best strategy is to breakdown the costs down depending on what work you need done. E.g. A hoody with left breast logo, back print and sleeve print are 3 separate processes and hence will work out more expensive than just having a hoodie with front chest logo.  So how does the costing work?

Firstly a plain blank hooded sweatshirt would range from just about 4 to 7 depending on what brand and quality you are buying. So which quality should I select you would ask? well best is to look at the GSM of the hoodie top. A good heavy weight top will have a GSM of 320 and typically that would be the best and ideal. Many brands of hoodie are more expensive not because they are more heavier in their quality but they are just charging a premium on their brand so don't be discouraged to go for an unheard of brand which would be cheap and good value for money. 

Secondly the logo on the front. Best would be to go for the embroidery option since it lasts a lot longer than printing methods and certainly looks more professional. Logo charge typically range from as little as 1 to up to 3. If you have a tight budget you can always request for a text embroidery since that is the cheapest option for embroiders.  

Thirdly comes the back print. Always try to keep your designs simple and less colours as possible. A one colour print job is a lot cheaper than 2 colour etc. Furthermore if you want text printing then it works out cheaper than having more complex one colour designs since the printers have to work harder setting the artwork before printing which then adds to your final cost.

Now you know the ins and outs of personalised tops next time you can be more confident in ordering hoodies and ensuring you get the best deal.  

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