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If you are planning school leavers hoodies this year then we offer a package of 12 per hoodie

We offer great deals when it comes to school leavers. We understand that budget is tight for students so our package of 12 includes the cost of the hoodie top, embroidery on the left breast and then the back printed individually with respect to the students nick name. You can choose from more than 15 colours of hoodies from stock and email your logo design to us (we offer LOWER prices for BULK orders). leavers hoodiesCheck out 2011 tops

Taking it one step further with printing down the sleeve on leavers tops

With our printing service comes other options which are available for school leavers. This may include having printing down the sleeve of a hooded top. Students can take it one step further by even having individual nick names printed on the sleeve.

We pride our self on our work, having completed hoodies for some of the best institution in UK

We have been making leavers hoodies now for many years that our portfolio includes some of the best schools in UK. We pass on this benefit to our customers e.g. If you are from Imperial College then you do not have to pay set up charge for the embroidery logo since we have already done work for you in the past. That is great news since that is more saving on the leaver hoodie.

imperial school

What's new in the styles of 2013 leavers hooded tops - 8 designs in total

What's new for 2013 in different styles of leavers memorabilia designs in hoodies? We have now added 9 new design in our collection with different formatting of all the names inside in the number 13 or even number 20.

2013 leavers designs in nine sets

New costing for 2013 - breakdown explained step by step

Get access to easy breakdown of costing for 2013 leavers hooded - now get complete transparency of what exactly you are paying for - from cost of plain hoodies to embroidery and printing charges.

2013 hoody costing explained


Onesie with your school leavers design - one single piece garment is here to stay!

Who would have ever thought of having a onesie as a choice of garment for school leavers? well now students can have that choice - get any design you like printed on these onesies. Get the complete set from as little as 17+VAT

school leavers onesie hoodies


2012 new design for College Leavers Hoody

Now you can get a quick preview of how a 2012 design will look like - customers can get their back custom nick names printed with all the names of the students inside the '12'

View how a 2010 Leavers Hoodies would look like

We are also taking orders for 2010 leavers with the names of all the students being in the 10. You can view the above link to show a more recent order completed. Now we are also taking orders for 2011.

Discount for students: cost breakdown explained

We know school, college and university students are always looking for that great bargain. For this reason we try to break the cost down to our customers so they know what they are paying for at every stage. Our prices are kept low as possible to ensure all students get the best deal.

Sleeve Printing School Leavers Hoody

We offer great options when it comes to printing on hooded sweatshirts. These just do have to be printing or embroidery on the front or back but the sleeve option is also available.

Selecting T Shirts for school leavers

If budget is tight then t shirt can also be an option for school leavers. You can select from a range of t shirts on offer and have all the embroidery and custom name plus number options.

Polo For School Leavers The Elegant Approach

Coupled with hoodys we also offer polo shirts which slightly formal equally looks great when it come to school leavers.