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We offer such a diverse range of garments decoration which includes flock and Rhine stones printing

Personalised Hoodies  >> Flock and Rhone Stones Printing

Besides the basic technology for printing which is more commonly used namely screen or silk printing and transfer printing we also offer on hoodies other styles such as flock or Rhine stone. The end product for flock or rhinestones design will fetch a better retail price since the finished personalised hoodie top does stand out from other forms of printing approaches. The Flock Appliqué option is a raised style of garment decoration which on the surface will give a fur effect feel. While on the other hand rhinestones are a compilation of small artificial stones which combine to form the overall design. In the case of Rhine stone printing the end product will shine and stand out more than any other form of hoodie decoration but the down side is that after many washes the stones will begin to peel off.

rhinestones flock print

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