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Student discounts: Here is how we keep the price as low as possible for leavers hoodies

Leavers Hoodies >> Discount for students: cost breakdown explained

We know money can be tight especially for students who are always eager to make any kind of saving. So we always try to ensure we keep our prices for leavers hoodies as low as possible. Unlike other companies we try to give a breakdown of the cost at every stage to make it all clear to the students what they are paying for. E.g. the main cost involved in ordering leavers hoodies is the cost of the


1) Hooded sweatshirt (Plain are priced at 4.50. Other brands of hooded top such as Gildan, Hanes or Fruit of the Loom are priced at 6 or 7 depending on the brand and the size of the order - more you buy the greater saving you make).


2) Embroidery charges (This varies from one company to another and also how complex the logo is). Some designs are not very complex therefore to get an accurate price best would be to email the logo design.


3) Printing charges (Custom names always works out more expensive since each top needs to be carefully printed which is always a very labour intensive task. Having names inside the '09' or '10' is not very expensive its just the initial set up charge which is quite expensive i.e. getting the designer to fit all the names inside the '10').


Once our customers knows the breakdown it means they can negotiate with companies for a better deal.  What makes us different from other companies is that if customers feel our embroidery and printing charges are high but they are happy with our price for plain hooded sweatshirt (4.50 per hoodie) then they can just purchase the tops from us. We can have it delivered to their choice of garment decorator via a next day delivery service. Since we stock a huge range of plain garments customers can always purchase the blank garments from us and have the leaver hoody made from another company.


At times college students have a certain budget to spend on leaver tops and we as a company always try to work around that budget giving them all the possible options. Since we have an internal design team that means the artwork set up cost is kept to a minimum and that benefit is passed to the students. 


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