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Now you can be creative and design your own hoodie from as little as 7.00 per top

When it comes to design your own hoodie there are a number options which are available reflecting what the customisation industry can offer with the tools in hand. But first you need to come with the actual design which you want to put on a hoody. Once it is clear in terms of concepts or ideas or objective which you have in mind then we can decide how to proceed forward. This is the first step and if that is understood properly then in the long run it will save customers cost and time producing the hoodie of their desire. What many fail to understand is that the artwork will determine which process for us to use when it comes to designing your own hoodie. If the design is complicated then we would need to opt for a different printing approach and sometimes it is not economically viable to do if the size of the order is less than a certain minimum quantity run. Below is an example of the kind of designs which can be done on hoodies.

hoodie design

So what are the options available when it comes to designing your own hoodie?

Well the embroidery option has been around for many years now and with modern machines you can get very detailed logos on to garments. School and corporate companies tend to prefer embroidery of their logo since it lasts longer and gives a professional out look. Now there are certain limitations especially when it comes to decorating on hooded top. If we take an example of a splatter ink effect which is quite fashionable at the moment - that will be something hard to achieve in embroidery only because you are working with threads and not ink. This is where the flexibility of this printing approach comes in since with ink you get some very fine details on to a hoodie. What is more you can get on places which will be very hard to decorate on with embroidery e.g. the front zip in embroidery is a constant obstacle which can be overcome but it requires more work.

design your own hoodie

Design your own hoodie using screen printing

This approach of printing which is also know as silk screen is probably the most widely used in the industry.

Design your own hoody using transfer printing

Transfer printing is a new approach and over the last years has developed considerably in the techniques used and technologies available.

Design the hoodie using rotary printing

Rotary printing is only used if you want to place a bulk order but the finished product is unique in its own right. It is expensive and if you are a new start up company or a young enterprise wanting to make a collection of these type of hoodies then it will take a lot of convincing the bank manager to give that business secure loan to get the project off the ground.

Tips to follow when designing the artwork for hoodie

It might be that you have a great new design which you want printed on a hoodie top and you are making the artwork in Adobe Photoshop or Corel - Here we give tips on what to do so that the end product is just awesome and with less cost.

If you are a start up brand or business and looking for a supplier to help you make your hooded top then we offer a complete service

With the recession looming it is always hard to invest new and fresh ideas into a business especially when it comes to a new clothing range for an upcoming brand. People have great ideas out there for new tops be it pullover or zip style but without the right type of budgeting your end product can be very expensive and difficult to market. With the government young enterprise schemes and banks giving loans to new upcoming companies we as hood clothing company can provide a complete cost effective manufacturing solution of your ideas into product reality.

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