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Printing on hoodie is different to t shirt and making the artwork simple will save costs

Design your own hoodie  >> Tips on designing artwork

Unlike printing on t shirts where you have a large flat surface to put your design on - Hoodies on the other hand have other issues. Typically the first obstacle one faces is the heavy seams e.g. the front kangaroo pocket on pullover tops are always an issue when placing the screen for printing. While this problem can be over come there are high chances of spoiling garments. So first rule keep the design smaller so that it easily fits on the front chest position of the hoodie. Another point is that if the design is to be screen printed and if in the future you plan to have it printed on kids hoody then the same screen could be used to print on kids tops i.e. no need to make smaller design screens and hence save on set up costs.

Second rule for designing is to keep the number of colours in the design limited to 3 colours. One colour print is a lot easier to print than 2 colour and so on and so forth. So a price cost for printing one colour will be less hence bringing the overall cost down of the finished hoodie top (bearing in mind that a plain hooded sweat is an expensive garment). A full colour design can be printed on to the top but then we would use another printing technology which is the heat transfer print. Although the result of this type of printing is also quite satisfactory but for the urban look and style screen printing is the best options for hooded tops.

Third rule for back design is to keep the design big so it covers a large portion of the back. A recent survey by "hoodielovers" have found a customer would prefer to buy a hooded top if the design on the back is big as compared to a smaller design.

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