Get leaver dates printed on sleeve of a top- Tel: +44 (0)208 503 0563

Here is an example of what can be done on sleeves when it comes to school leavers hoodies

Leavers Hoodies >> Sleeve Printing school leavers hoody

Printing on the sleeve is an option which many student tend to over look when it comes to deciding on what to order for school leavers. First the simple thing would  be to just have the dates e.g. LEAVERS 09 on the right or left sleeve. Alternatively students can have custom name down the sleeve. Thought printing down the sleeve can be quite hard at time the price difference is not that much. You can get this option by paying an additional 3.80 per top. However for printing of student names will be more expensive since that is quite a labour intensive task.

sleeve printing on hoodie

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