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Transparency in hoody costing

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When it comes to purchasing leavers hoodys its hard to make sense of all the different quotes from many hoody companies - so how do these companies come up with their ballpark figure? In this section we try our best to give a transparent cost breakdown to help students or teachers try to manage or keep within their budgets. So now as you increase the amount of personalisation on hoodies how does that affect the price? Its always best to start from the base cost of the plain hooded top e.g. selecting an expensive brand would make the base cost of the plain garment higher - going for a non-branded top which are also very good quality but the brand may not be well known should not scare people away. The below images shows all the cost of different points of customisation, Below is only a guide and price will vary depending on how many pieces you order and the complexity of the school/college/UNI crest logo.

leavers design visual on hoodies

2013 costing breakdown in simple way on paper

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