Preview of the new 2010 leavers hooded top- Tel: +44 (0)208 503 0563

Here we show an example of how a 2010 leaver hoodie for a UK based grammar school looked like

Leavers Hoodies >> How a 2010 Leavers Hoodies would look like

When a local grammar students emailed us for placing an order for 2010 leavers hoodies our design team emailed them a preview of how the names inside the 10 would look like. Previously all orders which were delivered were usually with 09 so you could have imaged the design team were quite eager to see how the finished product would look for this new date. The result was great and all the names were easily adjusted in the new 10 date. Again the custom nick name sat neatly on top of the 10 with the front left breast having the classic logo of the school. Overall the students were very pleased with the result and happy with the price they paid.

2010 preview of leavers hoodie

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